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Adijin berhijrah ke Quebec, Canada (part01)

beberapa orng termasuk saya telah mengetahui akan perancangan Adijin ke Quebec, Canada..sejak 2 bulan yg lalu.. hanya tunggu masa Adijin utk dapat confrmation dari pihak Volta Creation( satu prodction house yg adijin dapat offer) dan tunggu green light utk adijin officail announce.

Adijin sebelum ni ada membuat beberpa job freelance concept art utk Volta. setelah sentiasa siapkan kerja 'on time' dan memuaskan client..akhirnya pihak Volta menawarkan kerja sepenuh masa bersama mereka dengan perjalanan dan visa di tanggung mereka.
memang rezeki Adijin..kerjanya yg konsisten membuahkan hasil.. hati beliau masih di komik tapi tawaran Volta ni jangan dilepaskan..satu lagi platform buat adijin di persada ilustrasi dan komik antarabangsa.. plan memang nak jumpa gathering bersama..para Urban Militia yg lain bebrapa minggu sebelum ini..malangnya.. faktor masa dan kerja tidak mengizinkan.

saya secara peribadi dapat bersama dengan adijin sebanyak dua kali..satu masa lepak bersama ketika saya beransur pulih ketika sakit gigi...dan satu lg bila wartawan malay mail (Amir Hafizi) minta bantuan saya untuk menemubual Adijin..

kita ikuti temubual Adijin di MalayMail.. sumber di petik di sini: Adijin di Malay Mail.. selasa, 14 Julai.. di petik dari malay mail online: COMICS can't protect you from the cold. Both figuratively and literally. Just ask Aad'i Salman Ayob Khan, known in the comics and design industry as Adijin. He has been in the Malaysian comics industry for eight years and is opening a new chapter in his life as he prepares to fly to Canada. He only has one bag - a green backpack - which he has stuffed with T-shirts, underwear and a few pairs of pants. Hardly enough gear to protect him from the cold Canadian weather, but a lot of space will be filled with comic books - something he loves more than being adequately prepared to fight off pneumonia and frostbite, perhaps. "I do have a jacket," he said.

Adijin, celebrated award-winning Malaysian comics illustrator and graphic designer, will be flying off to Canada on Wednesday. He has landed a gig with the Canada-based, or rather Quebec-based, Volta Creations, Inc as a concept artist.
"I'm going there for the opportunity to work with different artists," said Adijin at his home in Cheras recently. "Malaysia has a lot of talented people, but perhaps not enough organisations to get them together like in other countries. We also have a problem with diversity, when most people are doing the same kind of art." Adijin says this about his drawings: "I think it's semi-realistic."

The current fad or popular style being put forth by many Malaysian artists, and the world of comics for that matter, is what is perceived as manga-based. "It's not wrong to draw anything in any way, but if there is a chance to see more varied forms and styles of art and illustrations, I would prefer to go and work with them. To learn, to grow. To experience and to explore." Humble words from a man many consider as one of Malaysia's top artists. He recently won an award for Best Cover at the inaugural Anugerah Pekomik for his work on Liga Pendekar. The problem with variety was acknowledged recently, in the Morning International Manga Competition, which started as the world's first full-scale International Manga Competition that was part of a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Morning magazine published by Kodansha.

Chief Judge Eijiro Shimada wrote: "When I read all the submitted works, what surprised me was that the submissions we received are not as diverse as works for other Japanese manga competitions, even though this is an international competition. Manga includes everything such as superhero comics and European comics, etc. Even if the style of the work looks different from manga, it is manga as long as the creator thinks it is manga. Even if the content is unusual for manga, it is manga as long as the readers think it is.

In Japan, manga has developed that way."
Adijin will probably find what he is looking for in Quebec. Just across the street from Volta's office is Ubisoft's Quebec branch. "The Canadian Government has been very supportive of gaming companies. They have seed capital programmes and incubation incentives for the industry," he said. "Not that the Malaysian Government is unsupportive. I know that some RM200,000 is available for comics alone and there are other grants. It's just ... I want to work with all these other artists. That's it." Adijin is part of a list of illustrious illustrators such as Datuk Lat, Rejabhad, Mahathir Buang (Milx), Billy Tan, Tan Eng Huat, Sonny Liew, Baba Chuah, Sunder Raj, Kin Sun, Mohammad Yazid, Ong Chee Yang, Sheldon Goh, Alan Quah and others who over the years have established Malaysian creative talent overseas.

Adijin's previous work include the comics Silent Hill, Hack / Slash and Small Gods for Devil's Due Publishing and Image Comics as well as art for Warhammer 40,000.
Interestingly, Volta Creations mainly supplies game companies and advertising agencies. They don't really focus on comics. "I'm not taking this job for the glamour, because it is not glamorous," said Adijin. "Doing comics is more glamorous than doing graphic design. There's no money in comics, but it's still glamorous. I won't be doing comics there. I'll be a concept artist. "However, I will come back, perhaps when the visa expires. I still want to do comics. I don't want to let that go."

Though soft-spoken, Adijin can be very resilient and faithful to his choices. After taking the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia exams, he decided to immediately plunge into the world of Malaysian comics. Together with other artists, he founded Urban Comics - a self-published effort. "It was during the time of the self-publishing explosion. People like Jeff Smith (Bone) and Dave Sim (Cerebus) all were the frontrunners in the States," he said. "It took a while for the wave to get here, but we eventually caught the ‘fever' in 2001. However, things fizzled out in 2003. I don't know why. I guess, in publishing, you can never really know what people want." Having had to keep taking other jobs even while doing Urban Comics prepared Adijin for the comics magazine's eventual bust. He ended up doing advertising design work for companies such as Ogilvy and comics illustration work for some overseas studios.

Having already established himself, Adijin ploughed on and now has got a break with Volta.
"I'll be back," he said. "And I'll still do comics. After all, I'm not really doing comics for any amount of serious money. It's for satisfaction."

lagi temuramah dan gambar eksklusif bersama Adijin dalam post seterusnya..
stay tune....


Blogger aim ahmad said...

bon voyage monsieur ajidin..

skali fikir, rasa gembira juga sbb kwn kita brpeluang cari pengalaman kerja kat luar negara.

dua kali fikir, terkedu juga sbb sampai perlu ke luar negara baru comic artist kita bleh cari makan..

nasib badan..

Sun Jul 19, 09:52:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger azhar said...


harap scene tempatan bolek mekar..
sebab kita banyak talented artist..

Najib: take note..

Mon Jul 20, 04:38:00 PM GMT+8  
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Blogger IZAM said...

Congratz Adijin... semoga penghijrahan ni membawa pengalaman yg bermakna serta menggembirakan!!!

Mon Apr 05, 04:59:00 PM GMT+8  
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